Energy startup Demonstration cohort

Grid Catalyst has named six cutting-edge energy startups to the 2024 Demonstration Cohort

The six startups represent a wide range of technologies that will advance Minnesota’s clean energy economy and help us reach statewide decarbonization goals. They are each demonstrating their innovation with a Minnesota-based partner from our Innovators Network. This cycle of our demonstration cohort program was made possible through funding provided by Minnesota Energy Alley and the IN2 Innovation Incubator programs. 

Aza power carbon-free clean engines fueled by ammonia

Aza Power Systems has a portfolio of technologies that enable ammonia as a combustion fuel, a 100% carbon-free energy, to be used as fuel in generators, engines, and thermal applications. Ammonia (NH3) is a complementary fuel to hydrogen and together, solves many of the industrial decarbonization markets from maritime and mining to industrial heat and power generation. Aza will demonstrate their technology at the Center for Microgrid Research at the University of St. Thomas. 

Blip Energy is defining a new smart home category with an affordable, plug-and-play battery system. A hybrid hardware/software solution for energy management that works in any home without barriers around permitting and installation, Blip can optimize energy costs for every household and supply critical backup power in case of an outage. This distributed network of IOT batteries at the grid edge provides grid operators with the tools and data they need to stabilize the grid and lower operating costs – to support a better, smarter grid for all of us. Blip is demonstrating its technology with Minnesota Power and the Center for Microgrid Research at the University of St. Thomas.

Carba removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and stores it permanently underground in abandoned mines, pits, and landfills. Carba does this by utilizing nature’s low-value biomass waste which through photosynthesis has removed CO2 from the atmosphere. Carba’s proprietary low-temperature pyrolysis reactors rapidly and efficiently convert wood and other low-moisture plant waste into a stable solid carbon. Their decentralized mobile reactors and solid carbon burial ensure carbon permanence for thousands of years. Essentially, Carba is reverse coal mining, putting solid carbon back underground. Carba is exploring a demonstration of their technology with the City of Saint Paul.

NeoCharge is a cleantech company leading in home electrification and electric vehicle (EV) charging. In addition to its core hardware, the Smart Splitter, NeoCharge Connect’s software platform is designed to optimize home energy usage, cut carbon emissions, and enable utility bill savings through seamless integrations with utilities, EVs, and home energy devices. NeoCharge will demonstrate their technology at the Center for Microgrid Research at the University of St. Thomas. 

Prezerv has developed an innovative technology that combines artificial intelligence, advanced signal processing, and 3D radar scanning to provide automated, accurate 3D underground maps of utilities and geospatial analytics to construction contractors, engineering firms, and asset owners such as utilities and infrastructure agencies. Preserve will demonstrate their technology with American Engineering Testing, Inc. (AET).

SolarSteam’s technology delivers renewable heat to industrial and institutional clients through enclosed concentrated solar technology, a game-changer for reducing costs and emissions. Their novel solar thermal system can be integrated into existing (brownfield) or new (greenfield) facilities, allows for modular scalability, and is designed for extreme climate operation. Solar Heat for Industrial Processes (SHIP) is SolarSteam’s ideal technology market segment, which fulfills a substantial amount of heat demand in industrial and agricultural processes within any given country, irrespective of the geographical location.

This program is made possible through the Minnesota Energy Alley program, funded by the State of Minnesota Department of Commerce and in partnership with Clean Energy Economy Minnesota.

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