A clean energy accelerator deploying solutions for northern climate challenges

Grid Catalyst is working to accelerate clean energy deployment by connecting entrepreneurs to project demonstration, mentorship and development, and investments to grow their business.

Clean energy accelerator
Demonstrating What's Possible

On the path to commercialization, technology startups need to demonstrate the potential and performance of their innovation. This is easier said than done when big ideas emerge from the lab and struggle to find a partner and a site willing to test something new. Without this stage of demonstration, businesses are left idling at the commercialization valley-of-death. Let’s change that.

The Grid Catalyst clean energy accelerator works diligently with a strong network of industry-leading demonstration partners to find the right path and location to help businesses validate their value proposition for future clients and investors. Meet our 2024 Demonstration Cohort.

Join Our Innovation Ecosystem

We are committed to building connections between sectors and creating more spaces for collaboration and innovation. 

Visit our Events Page to learn about our monthly Cleantech Connections meetups and education and networking events for the Minnesota Energy Alley and Cleantech Innovation Pathways programs. 

Clean energy accelerator program
Cleantech Innovation Pathways

An equitable future for energy and cleantech requires us to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs and changemakers. Our new Cleantech Innovation Pathways program is creating an onramp into entrepreneurship in this sector and helps earlier stage startups in cleantech find resources, mentorship, and partnership to advance their businesses.  Learn more. 

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