Solarstream renewable heat with enclosed, concentrated solar technology

SolarSteam’s technology delivers renewable heat to industrial and institutional clients through enclosed concentrated solar technology, a game-changer for reducing costs and emissions.

SolarSteam delivers renewable heat to industrial and institutional clients through enclosed concentrated solar technology. Their novel solar thermal system can be integrated into existing (brownfield) or new (greenfield) facilities, allows for modular scalability, and is designed for extreme climate operation. Solar Heat for Industrial Processes (SHIP) is SolarSteam’s ideal technology market segment, which fulfills a substantial amount of heat demand in industrial and agricultural processes within any given country, irrespective of the geographical location.

SolarSteam has a pilot constructed and commissioned for field testing at a TRL 8 level with a commercial partner in Ponoka (Alberta, Canada). The field pilot finished construction and commissioning in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

Innovators Network Partners

Two Innovators Network partners have selected SolarSteam to enter an exploratory phase of development. More information about partners and projects will be shared later in 2024.

About the Technology

This is an emerging technology and solution, using a parabolic trough collector technology for extreme climates, not currently available in the marketplace. The design concentrates the sun’s thermal energy to directly heat fluids to produce steam or hot water which can be utilized for industrial processes, space heating and cooling, and agricultural technology applications. Their transformative design of the envelope material maximizes solar radiation while protecting it from the elements.

Our differentiation novel enclosure shelters the system from harsh weather conditions while allowing the generating components to be lighter, more nimble, and effective, which lowers CAPEX while reducing maintenance (i.e. less dust connection) and downtime issues, which lowers OPEX. All while providing high-quality renewable heat and steam to various process heat requirements.

The technology can accept a larger geographic range of extreme climatic conditions and temperatures, enabling cross-sectoral deployment. Our modular nature allows customers to increase capacity as their needs grow. The system can be integrated seamlessly into existing operations in a fashion that augments performance, reduces downtime, and extends operations. In developed economies, solar thermal could provide hot water and steam to markets such as District Heating, Health Care, Food procession, and Higher Education Campus.

For the Grid Catalyst demonstrations, Solar Steam is planning for the following:

  1. A parabolic trough reflector (collector/concentrator) that focuses sunlight onto a central tube receiver to heat fluid and provide hot water/steam to a customer system
  2. Integration with Thermal Energy Storage (TES) that would allow for stable heat output and 24/7 operations
  3. Show how novel technologies can integrate with existing assets, thus addressing capital and market acceptance challenges.