Blip plug-and-play smart home battery system

Blip unlocks energy equity by solving for accessibility and building a new category of smart, affordable energy storage to add millions of homes to the smart grid.

Blip Energy is defining a new smart home category with an affordable, plug-and-play battery system. A hybrid hardware/software solution for energy management that works in any home without barriers around permitting and installation, Blip leverages our back end algorithm to optimize energy costs for any and every household and supplies critical backup power in case of an outage. This distributed network of IOT batteries at the grid edge provides grid operators with the tools and data they need to stabilize the grid and lower operating costs – to support a better, smarter grid for all of us.

Innovators Network Partners

Blip is demonstrating its technology with Minnesota Power, as part of its continued efforts to deliver resilient and reliable energy while meeting ambitious decarbonization goals. The battery will also be tested in advanced applications with the Center for Microgrid Research at the University of St. Thomas.

About the Technology

Blip’s flexible storage system provides 2.5 kWh of flexible power. Blip sits between home devices and the electric grid, the smart home battery plugs straight into a standard wall outlet and connects to home Wi-fi. This architecture minimizes cost, timeline, waste, and barriers to retrofit existing structures, and doesn’t require access to the breaker box, circumventing costly professional installation and restrictive permitting.

Blip takes advantage of variable daily energy rates to lower home energy bills, charging when costs are lowest and using that power when the price when electricity surges. Blip’s technology is enabled by the rise of grid-edge technology and smart home integration. We leverage proven back-end SaaS to bid into demand response programs, balance and optimize energy use – harnessing the power of interconnected behind-the-meter capacity as DERs.

Not just a distributed energy storage solution, a smart energy management hub creating network effect value for grid services. Blip’s affordable smart home battery was designed with energy equity at its core, to use battery technology available in the luxury segment, for sustainable cities and communities, especially renters, residents of multiunit buildings, and LMI.