Neocharge home electrification and electric vehicle (ev) charging

NeoCharge is a cleantech company leading the way in home electrification and electric vehicle (EV) charging. In addition to their core hardware, the Smart Splitter, their software platform, NeoCharge Connect, is designed to optimize home energy usage, cut carbon emissions, and enable utility bill savings through seamless integrations with utilities, EVs, and home energy devices.

Optimization of home energy usage and EV charging installation to help people save money, reduce carbon emissions, and accurately track EV charging usage. With the Smart Splitter, homeowners/renters can easily/affordably electrify their homes without needing an electrician. Our customers save an average of $2,000 on installation by avoiding electric panel upgrades and we provide one of the few options for renters to gain access to home EV charging.

With UL certifications, proprietary switching algorithms, and over-the-air upgrades, the Smart Splitter provides a seamless charging experience that is unmatched in the home EV installation market. Complementing our hardware, our NeoCharge Connect software integrates with EVs, home

energy devices, and utilities via software to optimize charging schedules, reduce grid stress during key times, and minimize carbon emissions from home energy usage. With a passionate team, strategic partnerships, and key industry, NeoCharge is shaping the future of home electrification and EV charging.

Innovators Network Partners

NeoCharge is demonstrating their technology and the potential for demand-side utility savings with Center for Microgrid Research at the University of St. Thomas.

About the Technology

NeoCharge Connect is a software platform specifically focused on optimizing EV charging, reducing grid stress, and minimizing carbon emissions. NeoCharge Connect seamlessly integrates with EVs, helping to intelligently schedule EV charging to save EV drivers money and support the grid.

Through their software, participants can take advantage of off-peak electricity rates, optimizing their charging schedules to save money on their utility bills. By shifting charging to periods of lower demand, participants also contribute to reducing grid stress during peak hours, promoting grid stability and efficiency. Additionally, NeoCharge Connect leverages real-time and forecasted marginal emissions data, enabling participants to align their charging with cleaner energy sources, resulting in a substantial reduction in carbon emissions.

To ensure a seamless and scalable pilot program, they prioritize participants who already have a Level 2 charger at home with a connected EV. For those without a Level 2 charger, our Smart Splitter offers a simple and cost-effective solution for home EV charging installation. We’ve also partnered with Treehouse and Coil Electric, certified electrician netowrks, to provide installation services as needed.

They will soon offer the option to connect NeoCharge Connect with solar invertors and home batteries. This integration will further reduce environmental impact by maximizing the utilization of clean energy sources and enabling participants utilize home energy at the best times to save the most money.

The value proposition of NeoCharge Connect lies in its ability to provide participants with tangible benefits: cost savings through optimized charging, reduced grid stress, and a significant reduction in carbon emissions. With its user-friendly interface, intuitive scheduling features, and compatibility with EVs, solar energy, and battery storage, NeoCharge Connect offers a unique solution for participants looking to cost-effectively optimize their EV charging and support the local grid.