Getgreen app by emerald technologies

The GetGreen app was developed to help individuals and organizations understand and have impact on the climate crisis, by acting on their intent and values.

The platform recommends personalized sustainable challenges, habits and product options, with actions that can be taken daily.

Two of every three Americans want a simple way to take action on climate change, but don’t know where to start, who to trust or how to find sustainable products and services. Based on models of planned user growth, application usage can achieve over 2.5M tons of averted emissions and 2.5M tons of removed carbon over first 4 years of application usage. Bringing the best practices from behavioral modification applications to the consumer sustainability space allows us to create something novel and unique.

The customizable nature of this platform makes it a unique and effective tool for organizations working to educate and drive action on sustainability. Communities, companies, campuses, and other organizations with clear climate and sustainability goals can use this platform to reach more individuals. The app provides them with a curated roadmap to build better habits and work toward collective goals.

Innovators Network Partners

Emerald Technology Group will be working with Ecolibrium3 in Duluth, along with other regional partners, to develop a pilot in support of the Duluth Citizens’ Climate Action Plan.

Demonstration Project

The partners will work together to develop a customized version of the Emerald GetGreen mobile application, providing a gamified engaging application to extend the reach of the Duluth Citizens’ Climate Action Plan.

Through promotion and use of the app, hundreds of local individuals will be introduced to the Climate Action Plan and provide them with a daily activity to support the goals of the plan.

Daily activities include actions in support of local and lower carbon transportation and transit options, local food, composting and waste reduction, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other efforts to reduce climate impacts through individual behaviors and advocacy.

Technical Innovation

The GetGreen app uses personalized actions and challenges to put easy to understand sustainable solutions in consumers’ pockets. Examples include energy home energy reduction, more efficient transportation, food and dining and sustainable product options.

A gamified credit reward system allows users to earn “Green Leaves” and keeps them highly engaged using proven behavioral modification approaches.  As well, a patent pending smart location aware system provides “right time, right place” instant notifications to users of nearby sustainable actions options and choices.  A full set of administrative tools allow partners such as companies, universities, municipalities and utilities to program and recommend specific sustainable actions to consumers. Finally, a personalized, customizable communication platform provides targeted messaging to employees or end users.

The application is available on both iOS and Android mobile devices.”