Carleton College

Carleton college
Carleton College, as a liberal arts institution, recognizes that it exists as part of interconnected communities that are impacted by personal and institutional choices. We are dedicated to investigating and promoting awareness of the current and future impacts of our actions in order to foster responsibility for these human and natural communities.

Carleton strives to be a model of stewardship for the environment by incorporating ideals of sustainability into the operations of the college and the daily life of individuals.

Carleton College’s 2011 Climate Action Plan pledges to be a carbon neutral campus by 2050. Since 2008, Carleton has reduced its campus carbon footprint by 54%. This progress is thanks to investments in on-site wind generation, building-level energy conservation measures and a campus-wide transition from steam heating to low temperature hot water heating and ground source (geothermal) heating and cooling.

Carleton is eager to continue turning pledges into action as we embark on the next phase of carbon reduction strategies.