3M applies science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily. The company’s more than 90,000 employees connect with customers globally, helping drive its $32 billion in sales.

3M invests about 6 percent of those sales into research and development – an investment that helps produce more than 3,000 patents each year. With 51 technology platforms, 3M products are used in a wide range of industries including health care, automotive and manufacturing.

3M’s more than 8,000 scientists around the world share and combine technologies across the company’s businesses to create a steady stream of unique products for customers.

3M is committed to being a leader in sustainability and its recent initiatives include the shift toward renewable energy sources and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Through 3M Ventures, the venture capital arm of the company, 3M is partnering with entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovative companies to help bring new ideas to the world.