Energy startup cohort

Grid Catalyst has announced its 2022 Energy Startup Cohort.

All cohort members are developing demonstration projects in partnership with leading organizations in Minnesota, to accelerate their pathway to commercialization and scaling their technology solutions. All projects are expected to begin implementation in 2022.


Darcy Solutions has been selected by the University of Minnesota and Otter Tail Power to explore a demonstration project for a  heating and cooling system integration at the Morris campus. Darcy Solutions addresses the two biggest challenges currently limiting its broad adoption – cost and footprint. Their patent-pending approach harnesses the thermal advantages of water and the consistent temperature of shallow Earth to make sustainable heating and cooling feasible and financially attractive for commercial and residential buildings. This technology dramatically improves HVAC system efficiency and environmental impact, lowering energy use and reducing site footprint requirements up to 95%. Darcy Solutions is headquartered in Minnesota.

GetGreen from Emerald Technology is the mobile application for people and companies that want to help solve the climate crisis. For their pilot project, they will be working with Ecolibrium3 in support of the Duluth Citizen Climate Action Plan. GetGreen learns about your lifestyle and interests, then suggests actions you can take and behaviors you can adopt. The app is location aware, recommending sustainable activities, goods and services in your neighborhood.  Built in gamification in the form of green leaf rewards make your experience more fun, interesting and interactive, and the rewards can be used to support carbon removal projects around the globe. GetGreen is headquartered in Seattle. 

INOVUES has been selected to install their patented Glazing Shield™ technology for a 2022 demonstration project with 3M. INOVUES makes existing buildings more energy-efficient and sustainable by retrofitting their facades and windows with the latest energy-saving and smart glass innovations without removal, replacement, or disruption. Through its non-invasive insulating glass retrofits, INOVUES offers building owners a high-ROI low-carbon solution to save up to 40% on energy consumption, improve occupants’ thermal and acoustic comfort, and increase the value and sustainability of the building. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

RPSi has been selected by Renewable Energy Partners to demonstrate this grid-forming technology at the Regional Apprenticeship Training Center in North Minneapolis. RPSi has developed a revolutionary non-linear circuit that, when paired with an inverter, supports the formation of autonomous, decentralized grids at scale while increasing network stability and reliability. This technology can be used to create microgrids in areas without existing grid infrastructure, can improve grid performance in the fringe areas of grid service, and can make it more feasible to add renewable energy and storage to other existing grid scenarios.

StorEn Technologies Inc. has been selected by Connexus Energy to install the StorEn battery at their headquarters in Ramsey, Minnesota for this first phase of demonstration. StorEn Technologies Inc. designs and manufactures an innovative proprietary vanadium flow battery platform used in microgrid and grid scale energy storage applications. These batteries deliver the highest power density today at the lowest cost/cycle, allowing a much longer duration than current lithium-ion battery capabilities at a lower cost profile. StorEn batteries can be used in grid scale and microgrid applications as well as a backup power source in residential and commercial installations.

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